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Dynamic and vibrant suite of monitoring capabilities

Keystrokes and webcam activities can be recorded



It does not come with profanity masking features



Based on our SpyAgent review, we can say that this software offers good control over internet filtering activities and you can make use of keystroke recording and screenshots to monitor the activities of your children with utmost efficiency. It notifies cyberbullying and sexual predator activities in a speedy manner and, dynamic blocking and control features can always be associated with this product.


Dynamic filtering and blocking features

If you want to know whether your child is being cyberbullied, you need a compact internet filter and SpyAgent definitely falls into this category. It brings to your notice all online activities of your children and you can make use of the website blocker and pornographic filtering features of this software to offer maximum protection for your child. It also allows you to monitor and block games, chat applications and other activities according to your own convenience and if you want, a specific computer can be locked down for a particular period of time using the time management control features. The blacklisting and whitelisting features (blocking specific URLs or allowing specific websites to be visited for certain user profiles) of this software can be described as truly dynamic as well.


Sharp reporting and notification features

You can utilize two ways access the data after SpyAgent records the activity of a user. The first method is to log into the admin account and generating a manual report. The second method is to schedule the receipt of an email message that contains a detailed summary of activities. If you install this software, you get alert notifications when a user accesses flagged websites or applications that you have blocked and, many other configurable options can also be associated with this software. Based on our SpyAgent review, we also find that it cannot monitor the activities on mobile or smartphone devices that are supported by Android and iOS operating systems.


Fast Installation and support options

SpyAgent offers three different configuration packages and they include complete configuration, typical configuration and, complete and stealth configuration as well. The basic difference is the amount of stealth you can achieve and the easy configuration wizard can be re-launched if you want to make changes according to your exclusive requirements. Since this SpyAgent review is based on rigorous testing, we can say with utmost conviction that the dashboard interface is extremely friendly and the help and support shortcuts are clearly visible on this interface. If you want to reach technical support or online manual, you just need to click twice. On the other hand, finding solutions for technical problems may take some time because the manual is not keyword searchable. If you want to troubleshoot issues, you can contact the 24/7 help desk and, the online knowledgebase containing user manual, installation guides, how to step guides and FAQs also helps you find solution to your issues. The customer support team responds in a speedy manner as well.

Excellent activity recording features

Our SpyAgent review clearly finds that it offers excellent recording features and the keystroke recording features record everything typed on the keyboard. This software also records passwords and login IDs of email accounts and social media profiles and, screenshots are also created to monitor the activities of your children in the best possible manner. All these activities can be programmed to generate reports at regular intervals. When SpyAgent identifies activities on webcam and microphone, the recording features get activated (It should be programmed) and it records all activities with utmost accuracy. This product also maintains a saved copy of all activities including offline computer activities.


Major constraints

SpyAgent cannot monitor activities on smartphones and that is why it becomes ineffective to report the activities that occur on the Android and iOS mobile devices. Another constraint is that this software does not have the ability to automatically identify certain keyword phrases associated with cyberbullying and it does not contain profanity masking features as well.



Our SpyAgent review finds that it can be described as a vibrant internet filter that monitors children’s activities in a precise manner. This product offers reasonably good filtering and blocking features. Although it cannot monitor Android or iOS mobile devices, the reporting and notification options are not going to disappoint you. Great ease of use can be associated with the installation and support options and the activity recording features can be described as truly exceptional as well.




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