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Offers highly dynamic and fully customizable DNS web filtering solutions

Bronze, silver and gold packages to go well with the budgetary requirement of different clients

Specially designed block bypass features

Highly efficient C2 callbacks prevention and fast upload

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Statistical reports include every accessed URL even those that are not websites



SFWDNS has become a leading web filtering service provider within a short period of time. Our SFWDNS DNS web filtering review arrives at the conclusion that it is an excellent web filter that offers optimal protection against various types of internet threats and a large number of parents, businesses, libraries, schools and enterprises have been making use of this DNS filtering system to create a safe online environment.


Filtering and blocking features 

The highly dynamic SFWDNS DNS web filtering system is equipped with the largest number of content categories and it also comes with unlimited number of custom blocks and allows lists. This DNS system can be fully customized according to the unique requirements of each client and the bypass features allow delegated users to go past the restrictions quite easily. This system is capable of covering millions of domains to provide the much coveted control that everyone is dreaming for. SFWDNS’s cloud delivered administration console makes various processes like setting up, managing and testing various acceptable user policies depending on device, user, network, IP address or group extremely hassle free. This web filtering system also blocks objectionable and pornographic content with amazing accuracy and it offers maximum protection for children against cyber bullies, sexual predators and cyber criminals.


Installation and support features 

You do not need worry about downloading any software when you use this system and you will also find SFWDNS extremely easy to implement. You can control it from any location with absolute ease and this 100% cloud-based internet filtering and porn blocking system is extremely cost effective compared to hardware based solutions. The customer support team is available 24 hours/7 days/365 days and, the FAQ and community forum contains common questions and detailed support articles as well. You can make use of online chat to talk to the members of the customer service team and they will clarify your doubts in a crystal clear manner.


Major advantages and disadvantages 

We have conducted in depth testing before writing this SFWDNS DNS web filtering review and according to our findings; this filtering system offers a wide range of advantages for the customers. It can be said without an iota of doubt that the benefits clearly outweigh the disadvantages. You have the freedom to choose from bronze, silver and gold packages and, the company offers highly dynamic parental control features to address the concerns of the parents in the best possible manner. The advanced internet porn blocker denies access to questionable and pornographic content with 100% accuracy and all these DNS solutions go in complete harmony with any software you have been using. You do not have to worry about the any technical complexities involved with using a DNS system because it is 100% cloud based and optimal uptime can always be associated with SFWDNS. If you want a fresh layer of predictive security, you cannot find a better option available and you can stay ahead of attacks with the highly effective security at the DNS server. This DNS server offers features like domain blocking, C2 callbacks prevention, secure DNS, typo correction and botnet protection and, it also maintains a big chunk of DNS cache that results in maximum speed and faster queries as well. Some critics are of the opinion that installing software is a much better option compared to DNS filtering and according to them, the stats reports created by SFWDNS include every URL accessed, even those that are not websites.



This SFWDNS DNS web filtering system has won great appreciation since it was introduced into the market and a large client base can always be associated with this product. The powerful features make processes like web filtering, porn blocking, virus protection and malware safety extremely hassle free and they can be fully customized according to the unique requirements of each customer. When you compare it with other DNS filters, you can easily come to the conclusion that SFWDNS stands tall with other premium web filtering systems and the opinions of the existing customers reassert this conclusion without a shadow of doubt.



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