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Offers a wide range of filtering and blocking features

Social media activities of your child can be monitored with absolute ease

Offers a user friendly design

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Does not offer a configuration wizard for installation

Online chat conversation and webcam session capturing features are not available


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Norton antivirus is a colossal figure in the field of antivirus software providers and this reputation always helps their web filtering software. Our Norton family review arrives at the conclusion that this software is a dynamic internet safety tool and it can also be described as an effective website blocker. This program captures and report chat conversations with utmost efficiency and, a good number of people have been using it to ensure maximum protection for their children against online pornography and cyber bullying.


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Filtering and blocking features

Norton family allows specific sites and blocks others to offer good security for your child. It comes with a wide range of features that allow you to limit your child’s exposure to questionable content and you can use the blocking features to monitor your child’s social networking activity. The text conversations of those children, who use android smartphone, can be monitored by installing Norton Family on their devices. On the other hand, this feature is unavailable for iOS mobile devices. Another remarkable feature that can be associated with this software is time supervision and it helps you install a tight schedule for internet use. The detailed reports created by Norton ensure that your child is following established rules and these reports can be accessed through browser-based admin dashboard. If there is less micro managing required; you can set the program to access email reports on a monthly or weekly basis.


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Installation and support features

Our Norton Family review finds that this software is operated from a browser-based platform to check the online activities of your child. You do not need to depend on your own computer to access the reports and the reports can be accessed from any computer at any location. All you need to do is to log in to the administrator console using your ID and password and, necessary changes can be made or review activities from any location. At the same time, the installation process of the software should be done on the device that your child uses. Although the user-friendly design is straightforward enough to guide you through the process of establishing permissions and restrictions, it does not come with a configuration wizard that teaches you the installation process in an uncomplicated manner.


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Leading advantages and major shortfalls

We have conducted detailed testing before coming up with this Norton Family review and based on our findings, we can say that this software has its own advantages and disadvantages. The benefits counteract on the shortfalls to make it a leading web filtering and blocking software. Not many products monitor the social media activities of your child and Norton Family performs this task with utmost efficiency. On the other hand, this program does not contain any features that monitor chat conversations and, screenshots of online activities cannot be taken using this software. Some of the filtering and blocking software available in the market control online game usage effectively but Norton Family falls short when it comes to controlling the online game activities. In fact; it does not have a feature that controls online game related activities. Another disadvantage is that profanity masking or blocking feature can never associated with this software. Our Norton Family review finds that it supports Windows and Android smartphones but on iOS devices, this software is not highly functional. You cannot run this program on Mac computers as well.


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Since this product comes from the Norton family, the expectations of the people are always high. The antivirus software of Norton is amazingly popular but this filtering and blocking software cannot be included in the same bracket. This software has some powerful features to protect your children against sexual harassment, cyberbullying and other types of malpractices and, it offers flexible filtering and blocking features as well. At the same time, limitations in areas like reporting, ease of use and recording adversely affect the reputation of this product, especially when it is compared with other leading software available in the market.

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