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Extremely simple installation process

Fully customizable individual settings

Fast and effective chat monitoring



Does not take screenshots

No telephone or live chat support is available



Surfie can be described as a good internet filter that detects cyberbullying effectively. It contains a wide range of dynamic filtering and blocking features and you can monitor the social media activities of your child in the best possible manner. Although it offers email support and a detailed user guide, the live chat option and telephone support features are missing and it can be described as major short fall of this software.


Uncomplicated installation process

Our Surfie by Pure Site review finds the installation process extremely simple and uncomplicated. The setup and configuration wizard guides you through the installation process in a hassle free manner. First of all, it teaches you how to create an administrator ID and then, the step by step guide takes you through the process of creating accounts for different users you would like to protect and monitor. During the process of setting up the initial user profiles, the name and password that your child uses to log in can be assigned and the presets options available in this program also allow you to customize the online experience of a user depending on maturity and age as well.


Customizable individual user settings

You can find a good number of individual user settings that offer excellent benefits. For example; you can choose to turn or off features like website filters, time control, file sharing controls, chat filter and Facebook monitoring according to your own exclusive requirements. When you switch on the email reports and alerts, all types of objectionable activities are notified immediately and such a method of approach helps you monitor the activities of your child or family members in the best possible manner.


Reporting features

Based on our Surfie by Pure Site review, we come to the conclusion that this software does not have the ability to take screenshots and it also falls short when it comes to monitoring emails. On the other hand, this software offers comprehensive reports of the online activities of your children or family members. You can login from anywhere using the browser-based dashboard of this software and instant access is guaranteed to ensure speedy and effective monitoring. In other words, the admin dashboard can be accessed remotely from any browser to check the online activities of your child. Most importantly, Surfie is highly compatible with different versions of Windows operating systems.


Effective chat monitoring

This software is capable of monitoring a wide range of chat applications. It does not matter whether you want to monitor frequently used programs like Yahoo Messenger, iCQ or Skype, you can make use of the dynamic chat monitoring features to get excellent results. First of all, you need to select the chat applications that you want to monitor and then, you can type in specific keywords to send you an alert. This feature is truly beneficial for indentifying cyberbullying activities in the beginning stage itself and it allows you to offer optimal protection for your child while getting engaged in online chat activities. Based on these monitoring activities, you can block or allow contacts from sending messages to your child.


Main drawbacks

This software does not offer any online chat or telephone support and screenshots cannot be taken using this program. You cannot also monitor the emails of your child using this software.



We have conducted extensive testing before coming up with Surfie by Pure Site review and our testing procedures have come to the conclusion that this program offers highly effective category-based web filtering features. You can also make use of it to block specific websites and Surfie also helps you control internet time usage in the best manner. If you want to identify cyberbullying or stalking at an early stage, this is a good option available in the market and it sends immediate alerts to parents to make them familiarize with dangerous online activities of their children. It is a fact that this program does not offer live chat or telephone support for the customers but this software can always be described as a reasonably good tool to keep your child safe online.



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