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Flexible filtering and blocking features

Offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface

Live chat and telephone help options are available


Does not offer screenshots, webcam or keystroke recording features

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It is a well known fact that McAfee is a popular antivirus software provider and many people all around the world have been using this antivirus software with utmost satisfaction. The internet filter software of McAfee can also be described as a competent product and it blocks websites that contain questionable content in the best manner. Other leading benefits of this software include pornographic filtering, social network monitoring and cyberbullying protection as well. Our McAfee review finds that this software would have been a much more powerful tool if the developer had included features like capturing screenshot, recording webcam activities and recording keystrokes. Overall, you can say that it is a good product that protects your children against different types of online threats.

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Flexible filtering and blocking features

You can block websites by category and, URL based blocking features are also available in McAfee. The Safe Search enabling mode allows you to protect your child from getting exposed to questionable and inappropriate materials by accident on a search engine. The blocking features can be used to block videos and music as well. You can restrict YouTube content and if you want, file sharing sites can also be disabled to prevent access to music that contains inappropriate content. Another remarkable aspect that we have found during our McAfee review is that this software blocks instant messaging applications and chat rooms with utmost efficiency. If you just want to monitor the activities instead of blocking altogether, access can be granted by saving all the conversations to be analyzed later. One of the limitations is that it does not come up with any automatic measures to stop cyberbullying but you can monitor email and instant chat messages to find out whether your child is being harassed or cyberbullied online.

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Reporting and notification features

Activity reports can be accessed manually or you can choose the option of receiving reports through email on a weekly or daily basis. The activity reports contain detailed information about the websites accessed, online searches, chat transcripts and failed attempts to access blocked websites as well. Unfortunately, this software does not offer any support for capturing webcam activity, keystrokes and screenshots and it certainly plays a major role in making this program less effective.

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Simple installation and support

Many internet filters do not offer clear cut instructions and you have to depend a lot on guesswork while performing the installation. The simple installation and setup wizard of McAfee guides you properly to eliminate the guesswork and the interface can be described as extremely intuitive and friendly. This software allows you to establish unique user IDs for each member of your family and in the ‘preferences’ category, you can find the options to configure settings for a wide range of online activities. Our McAfee review finds that this software offers highly beneficial support features and, the FAQs and articles make you familiarize with the functioning of this product in a detailed manner. There is live chat option available with McAfee and you can also make use of the telephone support to clarify your doubts. The only shortfall that can be associated with the support features is the fact that this program does not contain any keyword searchable knowledgebase and adding such a knowledgebase would definitely make the help and support option the best in the world.

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Major constraints

Our McAfee review identifies that this software does not have the ability to record keystrokes and you cannot use it to take screenshots as well. Lack of a searchable knowledgebase can also be described as a limitation.

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The existing users are of the opinion that McAfee filtering and blocking features are outstanding and our McAfee review also reasserts this conclusion without a shadow of doubt. Activity recording features are reasonably good and, simple and intuitive help and support features can always be associated with this product. When you compare this program with other top software available in the market, it falls short in terms of advanced features like taking screenshots and recording keystrokes but it can be said that McAfee performs reasonably well to protect your children against different types of online threats.

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