Web Filter Reviews

Internet security has become an alarming concern for many people in this digitized world. The online revolution offers a wide range of benefits for the users and at the same time, security or safety threats have become a serious concern as well. Individuals, business organizations, schools and other types of private and public undertakings always want to protect their networks from different types of issues like viruses, phishing, malicious software, DDoS attacks, application vulnerabilities and many more. When it comes to children, you have to keep them safe from cyberbullying, online pornography and sexual predators as well. How can you solve all these critical issues? That is exactly where the importance of best internet web filter reviews comes in. You need to analyze various reviews in a detailed manner before arriving at a conclusion and such a method of approach always helps you choose the best web filter that goes well with your exclusive requirements.


SFWDNS web filterSFWDNS ReviewFREEread-review-button
Net Nanny Net Nanny Review$37.39read-review-button
Norton family logoNorton Family Review$64.48read-review-button
qustodio-box logoQustodio Box Review$64.43read-review-button
mcafee-box logoMacafee Review $32.88read-review-button
witigo box logoWitigo Review$64.48read-review-button
familoop-box logoFamilyloop Review$51.58read-review-button
verity-box logoVerify Review$64.48read-review-button
spyagent-box logoSpy Agent Review$90.22read-review-button
puresight-pc-box logoPure Site Review$51.46read-review-button
Covenant EyesCovenant Eyes Review$14.99/mo.read-review-button

The best internet filter – Important features to look for 

The best web filtering software creates a safe and productive internet environment for the users. You can control the content displayed with the help of an advanced internet filter and objectionable websites can blocked with utmost efficiency. If you want to allow access to websites on an ad hoc basis, you can set up passwords using the features of a top quality filter. You can also find advanced features like centralized web based administration consoles, small footprint with low hardware equipment, sophisticated reporting technology, faultless email filtering, fast popup blocking, effective chat room blocking, anonymous proxy identification tools, advanced porn blockers and many more. The bottom line is that the best internet filter offers fully customized solutions that go in complete harmony with your exclusive requirements.

How does an internet filter work?

All advanced filters like Net Nanny or SpyAgent allow you to create a unique user ID for every member of your family or each employee of your business organization who uses a computer. You can set restrictions for each person depending on his/her age, maturity, designation, responsibility and integrity as well. A good filter screens an incoming web page to decide whether a part or all content should be displayed to the user and it checks the origin or content of a page based on the embedded web threat scanning capabilities. It allows an enterprise or an individual to block sites or pages that contain pornographic content, violent content, spyware, viruses and other types of objectionable contents and, all these aspects protect you from the possible threats and dangers in the best possible manner. Our internet filtering reviews assess the different features and benefits of a wide range of filters including Qustodio, Verity and Witigo to help you arrive at the best decision.


Advanced and faultless monitoring features

Apart from blocking access to certain websites, you can make use of profanity maskers to block profane texts with the help best internet filter. Top filters like Net Nanny come with detailed reporting features that give clear cut idea about all online activities and they log chat conversations, copy inbound and outbound emails and, capture screenshots to make the monitoring process highly advanced and faultless.


Different types of purchase options

If you purchase the best enterprise internet filter online, you do not have to wait for the product to arrive. The software can be downloaded directly from the website of the developer and the installation process can be done within a short period of time. Some developers charge a subscription fee in the form of an annual cost while some others allows you to make the payment on a monthly basis.


How do we choose the web filtering software? 

We conduct thorough checking by installing leading software programs on our test computers and detailed comparative testing is performed to arrive at the best decision. Our accomplished professionals perform the testing process by creating child user accounts and employee user accounts and, it is being done to test the true effectiveness of each program in a detailed manner.


Learn more about our testing procedure

The effectiveness of an internet filter can be best judged on the basis of the filtering and blocking features it contains. A good program filters content based on age-appropriate criteria and blocks offensive websites with utmost accuracy. It also blacklists offensive sites and, leading filters contain around 80 to 90 filter categories to offer excellent results for the clients. Our internet filtering reviews analyze the filtering and blocking features of all leading service providers including Net Nanny, Verity, Qustodio, SpyAgent and Witigo using an unbiased method of approach and we also analyze and compare reporting and notification features, activity recording features, installation and support features, compatibility with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones and many more aspects to help you arrive at the best decision.


Harmonious blend of security and ease of use – An important aspect 

Our best internet DNS web filtering reviews analyze this important aspect before choosing the best one available in the market. We evaluate ease of installation and setup in a detailed manner before recommending a web filtering software. If you are a parent, you should be able to install the filter easily and the operation of the software must not involve any complexities. On the other hand, your tech-savvy child should not be able to bypass it as well. That is exactly why we give utmost importance to the combination of security and ease of use features while selecting the best filters.


If you want to oversee all internet activities of your family members, you need to install the best internet filter on your computer. As a business owner, if you want to oversee the activities of your employees, you also need a top quality web filtering software. That is exactly why we offer unbiased and best internet web filter reviews of a wide range of products including Net Nanny, SpyAgent, Qustodio, Verity, Witigo, Surfie by Pure Site, McAfee, Familoop and Norton Family and, you can easily compare the merits and demerits of different web filters in a detailed manner before arriving at a conclusion.