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Offers detailed recording features

77 filter categories are available



Online chat monitoring is not available

Does not offer anti-cyberbullying tools



Based on our extensive Familoop review, we arrive at the conclusion that this software has 77 filter categories and it blocks questionable content in the best manner. The interface can be described as simple and easy to navigate and, this program can be installed in a hassle free manner because of the he searchable guides and uncomplicated setup wizard. At the same time, Familoop misses out some of the dynamic monitoring features that can be associated with top products available in the market.


Powerful filtering and blocking features

When it comes to filter categories, Familoop stands tall and it has an impressive 77 filter categories. This is one of the greatest advantages of this program because this number is three times higher than most programs available in the market. The filter categories of this product include pornography blocking, category for religion, game filters, category for politics, category for government and many more. You may find it a bit difficult to identify and deploy these categories because there is no direct pathway to them. Once you manage to find them, the filtering process becomes uncomplicated and it can be said without a shadow of doubt that this program helps you create a safe internet environment for your child.


Good activity recording features

Our Familoop review finds that this software records your child’s online activities in a detailed manner. It records online searches, social media activities and website visits to help you monitor your kid effectively. Our testing process found out that this software records when your children post on their social media profile and it also records when they navigate to another page within the social media network. All uploaded images are recorded as well to make the monitoring process faultless. This software sends all these details to the parent portal and it also sends email alerts immediately. On the other hand; it does not record the posts of other people and this program is incapable of recording the videos watched and chat programs within a social network. That is exactly why this software falls short when it comes to anti-cyberbullying capabilities. At the same time; you can block all chat activities using Familoop and it can be done by activating the chat and IM category filter.


Effective time management tools

Our Familoop review finds that the time management tools of this software are really good and they allow you to block family members on specific times of the day from accessing the web. Since individual user profiles can be created, you can easily set different times according to each child’s requirements.


Reporting and notification features

You can find a breakdown of internet activity for each user from the parent dashboard. In order to speedily identify where your child has been, s small image of the landing page of the website is included. Although Familoop does not display the entire page or every page visited, it offers written details of where your child has been and it also provides the URL links to each page. You can visit these pages to check whether they contain any objectionable or inappropriate content.


Installation and support features

Our Familoop review finds that the installation process is not a complicated one even thought there is no email or telephone support available. The searchable knowledgebase makes everything clear in a detailed manner and a comprehensive FAQ section can always be associated with the knowledgebase.



Based on our Familoop review, we come to the conclusion that this software is a powerful internet blocking program and it allows you to filter 77 different content categories. You may not find 77 categories in most of the products available in the market. Individual user accounts can be created and you can make use of the time control features to restrict access to online activities. Although Familoop offers detailed reports, it does not take screenshots of the pages. On the other hand, links to each page is provided so that you can find the activities your child by visiting these pages. The bottom line is that this software is a good product to have but it misses out some of the important features that leading programs available in the market offer. .


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Tony Peeps is a Web Filtering enthusiast! He has made it his life's mission to ensure every house hold in the world has the ability to block illicit content on their networks.

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    Thanks, Tony, – very through review. Updated Familoop Safeguard with new highly-demanded features is coming in early September 2016. Please, feel free to drop us a line and request free demo of the new version for your review.

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