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Qustodio Review


Easy to download and install

Manages multiple users quite easily

Keyword searchable database to ensure fast technical help

Programmable panic button


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Does not offer any telephone or live online support

Does not record keystrokes



Based on our extensive Qustodio review, we have come to the conclusion that this software offers excellent app management options and it performs really well on multiple platforms. Apart from being a good website filter, it also protects your children from sexual predators and, the diverse features of this product also include social media monitoring and tracking smartphone activities as well.


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Good filtering and blocking features

Qustodio comes with a good number of filtering and blocking features that offer optimal protection for your children and the program settings allow you to adjust the website categories according to your own preferences. This software offers a detailed list of different website categories that you need to deny access to your child and they include pornography, gambling, adult content, violence, alcohol, drug and social networks. When you program this software based on these categories, it detects the content on each site that your child is trying to gain access and, allows or refuses depending on the orientation of the site. Setting and enforcing online time limits is another feature available and you can limit internet access to particular times of day.


Instant reporting and notification features

Our detailed Qustodio review has found out that Qustodio can be accessed from any location. What does it mean? It clearly suggests that you do not have to log in to the computer or smartphone that you are filtering to receive activity reports or to monitor your child’s activities. You can log in from anywhere using browser-based dashboard of this software and instant access is ensured to create clear cut idea about your child’ online activities.


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Customer-friendly installation and support options

The account setup process clearly guides you through the steps of creating individual user accounts and this process allows you to track and record the online activities of your family members in an easy manner. Qustodio offers blacklisting and whitelisting features and, time limits can be set up for individual users. This program can be installed on a wide range of devices including personal computer, kindle, tablets with Android or iOS and smartphones as well. Other factors that ensure optimal ease of access include keyword searchable knowledgebase and, fast access to support and contact information. You can receive technical support through the online knowledgebase that contains frequently updated user guides and FAQs and, in order to get technical support; you can also submit a request via email. At the same time, you cannot any find telephone or live online chat support with Qustodio.


Flexible activity recording features

We have conducted proper testing before coming up with this Qustodio review and our testing results clearly convey that this software monitors all online searches conducted and websites visited with great accuracy. It also keeps track of the social network activities and online chat sessions of your child and, you can easily find out whether your child is being cyberbullied or approached by a sexual predator with the help of this program. The Facebook recording feature of this software allows you to see the photographs uploaded by your children and their friends, status updates and many other details and, you can also come to know about how much time your child has spent online. This software sends summary activity reports through email on a daily and weekly basis and it also sends immediate alerts when your child is trying to bypass the restrictions imposed. Another remarkable feature is the panic button setup and you can program this feature into your child’s Android smartphone. When your child activates the panic signal, the smartphone app of Qustodio sends an emergency alert containing the location of the child.


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Based on our Qustodio review, we find that this program does not offer any telephone or live online chat support and keystroke recording can never be associated with this product. Another disadvantage is that you cannot monitor the email activities of your children with the help of this product.



According to our unbiased Qustodio review, this software offers maximum ease of use and the powerful notification features play an important role in making it one of the most popular web filters in the market. This product excels when it comes to filtering, blocking and recording features but falls behind in terms of customer help and support. Overall, it is a good option for your filtering and blocking requirements.


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