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Comes with a dynamic chat monitoring feature

Screenshots of computer activity can be taken at programmed intervals

Keystroke feature is available



Category-driven web filtering feature is not available

There is no chat option for technical support



Our Verity review has found out that it is a software program that offers excellent monitoring features and you can take screenshots of online activities to oversee the activities of your children in the best possible manner. On the other hand; you cannot describe it as a good web filtering program because it does not offer any category-driven web filtering feature.


What are the most effective features that you often associate with parental control software? A good parental control program should prevent your child getting from exposed to objectionable websites and contents and, it can only be done by monitoring the activities of your children with utmost vigilance. Verity can be described as a good website blocker that bans objectionable sites being accessed by your child and many existing users are talking highly about this software. You may not find the pornography blocking features as truly dynamic but this software offers a good number of excellent monitoring features that many other products do not offer.


Effective reporting and notification features

Our verity review clearly finds that the reporting and notification features of this software exactly tell how much time your child has been spending online and they give detailed information about the websites visited and online searches performed. You can also find whether your child has attempted to get access to any prohibited websites and this software takes screenshots of the active window during a given timeframe to make the monitoring activities highly result oriented. The time management feature can be used to set specific off-limit hours during the day and you can set maximum daily time limits as well.


Help and support channels

You can find a wide range of help and support options with Verity. Email communication features can be used to contact tech support team and you can also make use of the online user guide to clarify your doubts. This guide can be accessed through the dashboard. Our Verity review finds that this software is compatible with personal computers that run Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 and, it is also compatible with Mac computers and mobile devices.


Excellent activity recording feature

Based on our impartial Verity review, we can authentically say that it records keystrokes and not many website blockers offer this feature. The screen shot capturing ability literally shows what exactly your child is doing online and it also offers a dynamic chat monitoring feature. On the other hand, this program does not record login or password data. The monitoring and recording features of Verity combine well to find evidence of sexual harassment or cyberbullying and it offers detailed information about all these activities to help you protect your child in the best possible manner. The flip side is that this software does not have the capability to automatically identify instances of sexual harassment or cyberbullying but you can root out the evidences on your own with the help of this software.



This software does not come with the category-driven content filtering feature and it can be described as a major shortfall. The pornography filter is not a dynamic one and this program does not record password or login data. Another disadvantage is that Verity cannot automatically identify instances of cyberbullying and you have to root our evidences on your own. There is no live chat option available and telephone support involves extra costs as well.



We have conducted extensive testing before coming up with this Verity review. Our findings say that this software offers a good number of highly beneficial features and they include taking regular screenshots, recording keystrokes, tracking all websites visited, monitoring all online searches, access to usage reports through a password protected web interface, setting daily time limits on computer, effective website blocking and many more. Most importantly, Verity makes use of minimal resources to offer excellent results and you do not need to worry about any performance impact during normal computer use. If the manufacturer had included category-driven content filtering feature, this software would have been a much better choice for the users.



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Tony Peeps is a Web Filtering enthusiast! He has made it his life's mission to ensure every house hold in the world has the ability to block illicit content on their networks.

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