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Offers redirecting capabilities instead of displaying a message that the site is blocked

Blocks chat and messenger programs including social media and online game networks



The installation process is a bit complicated



Witigo can be described as an extremely powerful internet filter and it offers both local and cloud based filtering solutions. If you want to monitor a single computer, you can download the program onto your desktop and for monitoring multiple devices like smartphone and tablets, the online version can be used. Although the installation process a bit tricky, the navigation is extremely simple and uncomplicated. Our Witigo review, based on through testing, has identified that it is highly compatible with PC as well as Mac computers.


Flexible filtering and blocking features

27 web filter categories can be associated with this program and they include online games, social media, pornography, new sites and many more. It blocks children from accessing websites tagged under those categories and our testing has found out that the blocking features are highly accurate and efficient as well. It does not matter whether the category filter has blocked a specific URL; you can add this URL to the whitelist for gaining access. At the same time; similar sites will remain blocked. Witigo also has a blacklist feature that allows you to block sites even if the web filter ratings find them appropriate. Our Witigo review clearly finds that the filtering and blocking features offer the much needed flexibility for the users.


Installation and support features

When you compare the installation process of this program with other products available in the market, you can find that Witigo installation is a bit challenging. At the same time, when you manage to install and run it, it becomes a dynamic and powerful tool that offers utmost safety for your children and family members against internet threats and malpractices. After having installed Witigo on your personal computer, you will have to download and run the mobile app before it starts performing the web filtering and blocking activities. Some people may find it a bit tough to get all the pieces in place by following the instructions listed in the FAQ. Once you set everything right, this program is extremely simple and easy to navigate through. Witigo offers telephone support for the clients and you can also talk with a live associate to clarify your doubts.


Redirecting capabilities

Our Witigo review finds the redirecting capabilities as an excellent option. Many web filtering and blocking software display a message that the site is blocked when your child tries to access the blocked sites. On the other hand; this program redirects your child to a friendly and age-appropriate site that offers exciting games and other interactive activities. It is an extremely good option because many children often get disappointed and frustrated when access is denied to a good number of sites continuously.


Highly beneficial blocking features

According to our Witigo review, the chat blocking option is highly beneficial and result oriented. During the testing process, we could not access any chat or instant messaging program including Skype, Facebook messaging programs, online games and many more. If you are worried about children being cyberbullied or misled by unwanted chat conversations with strangers, Witigo blocking features offer the much needed protection.


Dynamic mobile app

When you add the mobile app to a cell phone, the parental control features that you set from the online parent portal will automatically set on the cell phone as well. What does it mean? If you block Twitter from being accessed on the personal computer, this program blocks Twitter from being accessed on the cell phone. Most importantly, you can access the parent control (password-protected) from the cell phone as well as the from the PC and various tasks like adjusting settings, creating extra user accounts and viewing alerts can be performed from both the devices as well. You can also block phone numbers with the help of mobile app and it blocks your child from sending or receiving text messages or calls from those numbers.



Our Witigo review comes to the conclusion that although the installation and set up process is a bit challenging, this program is a very good option for blocking pornography and other questionable contents. The filtering and blocking features can be described as truly powerful and flexible and, they offer optimal protection for your child against different types of internet threats.



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