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Intuitive user interface that makes it extremely easy to block apps and set time filters

Masks profanity before it appears on the screen without blocking the entire content

Goes well with multiple devices

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Does not record keystrokes

Social media monitoring is not included in the original version and you need to purchase it separately.



This Net Nanny review follows an unbiased method of approach while analyzing the features of this internet filter. Net Nanny offers an internet safety tool that follows a comprehensive method of approach and great ease of use can be associated with this program. It blocks inappropriate and abusive contents in an unobtrusive manner and this software can be customized depending on the varying requirements of different users.


How to safeguard your child from the ever increasing threats of internet? Net Nanny answers this question in the best manner by offering an advanced internet filtering system and it contains excellent filtering features, accurate reporting features and an intuitive interface as well.


Net NannyPURCHASE NET NANNY$37.39visit website


Powerful and flexible filtering and blocking features

Net Nanny is an efficient website blocker and it is equipped with a powerful handle that monitors all events online. Instead of blacklisting all contents, this software gives you the power to whitelist specific websites that your children are allowed to visit and it can be said without an iota of doubt that this software is extremely capable of providing clear cut information about the online activities of your children.

This software allows you to create a separate user ID for every member of your family who shares the same computer. The most suitable restrictions can be implemented depending on the age and maturity level of the users. The time management tool records how much time your family spends for online activities and online usage can be enforced to specific times of the day. If you want to regulate the internet usage, you can set maximum weekly or daily time limits as well. Each and every objective Net Nanny review reasserts this opinion without a shadow of doubt.


Net Nanny Social

Cyberbullies, sexual predators and online porn peddlers have become an alarming concern for many parents and they circumvent traditional internet filters to mislead the children in many ways. This problem can be addressed with the help of Net Nanny Social and it contains a language detection tool that monitors messages sent to your child’s social media profiles. When the software finds that cyber bullies or sexual predators are targeting your child, it sends email notifications and this feature can be programmed to arrive at varying levels of frequency.


Net NannyPURCHASE NET NANNY$37.39visit website

Reporting and notification features

Our impartial Net Nanny review finds that the company offers excellent reporting and notification features. The admin console can be described as cloud based and you can access activity records from any computer at any location. If you want, you can tune the program to email the summary reports at regular intervals and this internet filter can be programmed to send instant text messages to make you vigilant about situations that need your immediate intervention.


Installation and support features

You do not need to be a technocrat to install and run Net Nanny Web filter. The installation wizard guides you through the steps to load the software onto your computer and, the setup and configuration wizard makes processes like creating user IDs, assigning restrictions, granting permissions and other programming tasks extremely simple and hassle free as well. This software ensures easy access to knowledgebase, help and support section and, it also contains a keyword searchable knowledge base to ensure speedy access. You can make use of the highly responsive live chat, email or telephone support options to clarify your doubts in the best possible manner.


Multiple device compatibility

This Net Nanny review is based on in depth testing and experimentation and, based on our findings; we can say that this software is functional across a wide range of platforms. The desktop version is available is for Mac and Windows operating systems and mobile versions of this software is available for iOS and Android devices.


Activity record features

Filtering features alone do not make your efforts 100% result oriented and you need to record the online activities of your child and review later to find out whether your child is by passing the filtering process. Net Nanny offers highly advanced recording features that record all online activities of your child and you can also take screenshots of activity on a periodic basis using Net Nanny Social.


Net Nanny – Limitations

One of the disadvantages of this software is that it does not come with keystroke recording feature that allows immediate access to your child’s email account and another constraint is that if you want social media monitoring, you have to purchase Net Nanny Social along with the web filtering software.



This unbiased Net Nanny review clearly suggests that this software is a top quality product that offers excellent installation and support, optimal ease of use, dynamic reporting and notification features, powerful and flexible filtering and blocking options, multiple device compatibility and good recording features as well. The help and support channels are highly responsive and you can customize this program based on your exclusive requirements. All these aspects clearly suggest that Net Nanny is one of the best web filtering software available in the market.


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